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Excerpt #6:  Birthday Experience (Book 4)




“Sam, I wouldn’t mind, if you want to help me ‘get off’.”  I was surprised, but pleased.  Again.


Our heads must have been less than a foot apart, but I could see only black.  I whispered, “You ‘wouldn’t mind’, or you would actually ‘like’ me to get you off?”


Linda chortled, “I would like that.  If you want to.”


“Of course!”  I realized my voice was too loud, as I had spoken during a soft passage of the music.  I whispered, “Linda, it would be my pleasure to do that for you.”  And, of course, I meant it.  I awkwardly moved myself down toward the foot of the bed, then held the waistband of Linda’s underwear in both hands, and slowly pulled them down, as Linda lifted her butt, and bent her legs, holding them up, allowing me to take her panties off.  I handed them to her, so that she would know where they were later.  Before she put her legs back down, I held her ankles, separated them, and sat in the center of the bed, near the foot, my legs along each side of her; then, I draped her legs over my thighs.  She rolled her knees outward, her legs circling around each side of my waist.  Our genitals were only a few inches apart, but not touching.


Had the lights been on, this would have been a very revealing position; I imagined us in this position, as I waxed Linda’s pubes.  But it was pitch black, only the feeling of Linda’s legs around my waist confirming that she was actually lying in front of me.  I visualized her body, gaining a degree of proprioception of our linked forms.  I leaned forward, my hands grasping Linda’s hips, massaging and then sliding up the sides of her body as far as I could reach.  I held her breasts in my hands, lightly cupping them, and grazing over her nipples several times with my thumbs.  I then lightly pinched both her nipples, and ran my palms over them, in circular motions.


My hands slid down Linda’s body, alongside her patch of pubic hair, and continuing along the insides of her thighs.  Linda moaned softly, and I wondered whether Kathy could hear us.  Or whether Linda cared.  My hands lightly followed Linda’s contours, moving up the insides of her thighs, and across her mons.  Then, they moved slowly downwards, on either side of her clit, my thumbs separating her labia.  I rested my left hand in her folds, moving infinitesimally, my middle finger sliding along her lips, and eventually settling within them.  My right hand moved up, my palm now applying pressure over her hood.   I slightly increased the pressure of both hands against her body, my left middle finger settling farther into her womanly folds, while my right hand began making tiny circular movements while maintaining the position and pressure of my palm over her hood.


Linda was now slowly thrusting her pelvis, as my minimal motions and gradually increasing pressure began to have an effect on her.  I could feel a hard knob forming under my palm, and I slid my hand up, so that the heel of my hand was now doing the stimulating, Linda’s patch of pubic hair now in my palm.  I kept up the circular motion, and added a rocking motion, using Linda’s hard button as a fulcrum.   Linda’s motions increased correspondingly.


I considered going down on Linda, and using my tongue on her clit, but decided – as she seemed to be doing very well – to keep my contact ‘non-sexual’; at least using our original definition of sex as ‘body fluid transfer’; now excluding oral-oral contact.  Of course, I knew that Kelly and Julie were probably having orogenital contact at this moment.  I hoped that Kelly was finding the experience to be as much of a turn on as Julie’s masturbation scene had been.  I also couldn’t help wondering how different Kelly would find her ‘play’ with Julie to be, compared to that with Fiona.


My circular motions over Linda’s sensitive tissues quickened, and the middle finger of my left hand bent slightly, and then advanced halfway into her.  Linda was becoming nicely aroused, and was now sufficiently lubricated so I pulled my finger back … and inserted two fingers, slowly advancing until they were deeply inside her.  Linda’s vaginal muscles tightened around my fingers, clenching and unclenching, as I slid them slightly in and out.  Linda’s breathing was becoming ragged, and I pushed my two fingers against her anterior vaginal wall, adjusting the position very slightly, until Linda drew in her breath.  I held my fingers there, pulsing the pressure both inside with my fingers, and outside with the heel of my right hand.


I very slowly rubbed my fingers against the wall of Linda’s vagina, moving no more than half an inch in any direction, but gradually increasing the pressure.  I wondered whether she might actually achieve a ‘squirting’ orgasm … that might require re-making her bed with fresh linens.  As I held my fingers inside her, I made a ‘V’ with my right hand (remembering my earlier thought of the Vulcan greeting), positioning my fingers on either side of her clit, still over her hood.  Linda thrusted more, and finally emitted a squeal that she was quick to quench … but not quick enough, as I heard Kathy chuckle in the next bed.


Linda’s orgasm continued to build, as she thrust her hips, clenched her muscles, and creamed my fingers with her thick secretions.  I held my fingers perfectly still, while applying gentle pressure to her G-spot.  My right hand remained in position, and I moved my fingers as if playing a trill on the piano.  Linda continued thrusting, her legs squeezing my waist, and her butt lifting off the bed.  She was now moaning, evidently unaware of or uncaring about the others in the blackened room.  The soft music continued, only partially masking Linda’s sensual sounds.



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