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Excerpt #5:  Birthday Experience (Book 4)




Kelly turned to Kathy, “Would you like to take ‘first shift’?”  I was again surprised, as Kathy smiled, and without saying a word, got up, sat down sideways in the straight backed spanking chair, and circled her fingers around my manhood, stroking slowly.


I was flustered, “Kelly!”  But I knew that she wanted me to submit … and overcome my embarrassment of being turned on in front of her friends.  This situation was something I might have fantasized about … and I was turned on … but her friends stroking me in front of each other was beyond even my usual tolerance.  I closed my eyes.  Kathy’s hand did its magic, my erection now as big as it would get, my penis curving back toward me, and throbbing in Kathy’s grip.


I heard a rustling, and opened my eyes.  Kelly was walking to the couch and sitting down; then, she leaned over to Linda, and gave her something.  Linda nodded, and stood up.  My hands were still on my head, my feet wide apart, in the ‘standing’ position, as Linda tapped Kathy on the shoulder, and Kathy went back to the couch.  Taking me in her hand, Linda rolled a condom onto me, then started stroking me, using the ‘OK’ sign over my condom-covered maleness, and then her whole hand, as it slid down to the base.  She held me, gripping me tightly, as I throbbed.


Linda looked over her shoulder at Kelly, and said, “We could use some lotion.”  Kelly got up and ran to the bathroom, bringing back a small hotel-sample of body lotion.  Linda let go of me long enough to open the bottle, and pour some of the thick, white fluid onto her hand.  Then, she closed the bottle, and handed it back to Kelly, who sat down on the couch, while Linda began stroking me again.  I closed my eyes; it felt wonderful.


Kelly then announced, “Sam, I would like one more thing from you:  To take my corner time for me.”


Another surprise!  I hadn’t even thought about the corner time I would give Kelly.  Now that we were all being so open, and with Kelly’s obvious intent to have me come in front of her friends, I didn't think it was such a bad idea.


“Yes, dear,” I replied, sheepishly.


Kelly got up, and a minute later came back with the small vibrator, lubed, and ready to go … into my rear.  She said, “OK, Sam, please get in the chair position for us.”


Linda let go of me, and I promptly got into the low-backed chair that was kitty-corner to the couch.  I separated my legs, put down my head, and thrust my bottom into the air.  The girls had already seen me in this position, but it seemed a little more intimate now, with all of us around the coffee table in the playroom.  When I was in position, Linda continued to stroke me, standing to my left, as Kelly – on my right – inserted the vibrator.  The one she had selected had a wood-grain exterior; it was about ¾” in diameter, and nearly eight inches long.  I relaxed my anus, and gave a little push when I felt the tip of the vibrator against me.  It slid in easily.


I closed my eyes again, the vibrator now stimulating my prostate on each stroke, and Linda still masturbating me.  I heard Kathy’s voice, “Now, I’m moving the vibrator, Sam.  Just try to relax, and have fun.”  I felt the vibrator moving side to side, up and down, and in wide circles, as Kathy manipulated it.  Then, she grabbed my balls, and held them, as Linda continued to stroke me.  It felt incredible!


Kathy released me, and I felt some movement, and then it was Julie’s voice, over my right shoulder, saying, “It’s my turn now, Sam.”  The vibrator moved in and out a few times, and then it was still, as Linda let go of me, and her hand was replaced by Julie’s.  The vibrator slid nearly out of me, and was pushed back in, repeatedly, as Julie stroked me in different ways, wrapping her hand around me, and moving down my shaft in a spiral motion.  I was ready.


“May I come, now, Miss?” I squeaked, not knowing exactly who I was asking.  A moment later, Kelly responded, “Yes, young man, you may.”


My eyes closed, I rocked fore-and-aft, countering Julie’s strokes, feeling the vibrator pulsing against my prostate, and focusing on my welcome task.  I heard myself make a few grunts, and my entire body spasmed, cum shooting into the condom, my anal muscles clenching the vibrator, my mind nearly a blank, as Julie continued to stroke me, finally holding as much of my length as her hands could curl around, and allowing me to contract and thrust repeatedly, squeezing out the last drops of my seed, and maintaining the glorious feeling of my orgasm for as long as possible.


Julie leaned over me, and whispered, “Good boy!  That wasn’t so hard, was it?”  Well, I sure had been ‘hard’ a few moments before; but it had been a wonderful experience … even now that I remembered that two other females whom I barely knew had not only been watching, but helping.  I had just met one of those females for the first time, this morning!


I looked back slightly, and said, “Thank you, Julie.  That was really great.”


She pulled the butt plug out of me, and let go of my now-flagging erection.  “You’re welcome, Sam.  I think that was fun for all of us.”



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