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Excerpt #4:  Birthday Experience (Book 4)




I faced forward, and said, forcefully, “I’m ready for my birthday spanking, now, Sir!”


Sam laughed.  My friends were smiling, and Linda had her hands over her mouth.  Sam then turned to my friends, and asked, “Would anybody like to buy some extra spanks for Kelly?”  I held my breath, but couldn’t imagine any of them accepting Sam’s offer.


Linda scooted over to Julie, and whispered something in her ear.  Julie was looking at me, nodding, then shrugged, then smiled.  Linda moved back to her place.  Then, Julie said, “Linda and I will each buy another 50 spanks.  I couldn’t believe my ears!  They were actually going to take two swats to be able to spank me more?  I was dumbfounded.  My brain quickly added up the spanks, 200 in total; a level-10 spanking.


Sam then turned to Kathy, and asked, “Would you like to buy any extra spanks, Kathy?”


She quickly shook her head, “No, thanks.”


Sam went to the desk area, and came back with the Ping Pong paddle, and the thick school paddle with the holes in it.  He stood next to me, and asked, “Who would like to go first?”


Linda and Julie looked at each other.  Then, Linda got up, and said, “I’ll go first.”  Again, I was shocked.  But we were finding that Linda really did get turned on by the idea – if not the act – of being spanked.  Sam pointed to the chair, kitty-corner from where she sat on the couch, and explained, “Put your knees against the sides of the chair, about halfway back on the seat, and bend and put your arms and head down on the back of the chair.  Your back should be arched, and your butt high in the air.”


Linda stepped over to the chair, then reached under her t-shirt, and took off her underwear, throwing them back to the couch where she had been sitting.  She got up into the chair, positioning herself, her substantial bottom displayed for us.  Of course, we could also see between her legs, although she had not removed her hair in that area.  I guess this is what Sam had been viewing throughout the ‘spank poker’ game.  Linda was much more ‘open’ than I had given her credit for; although she had made a few snide remarks, Linda had participated in everything we had done today.  And it seemed like she had been having fun, at least most of the time.


Linda was finally in position, her bottom thrust up as Sam had requested.  She turned her head slightly back to Sam, and said, “I’m ready for the paddle, Sir.”


Sam smiled, and shook his head, as he took the few steps toward Linda.  He bent over, and whispered to her … and I realized he was asking her whether ‘medium’ swats would be OK, or whether she wanted lighter or heavier.  I fully expected her to ask for lighter swats, when she said, “Medium is fine, Sir.”  Any of my lingering doubts about Linda ‘playing’ with us in the future disappeared, as my mind struggled to assemble a new perspective of the friend I thought I had known.


Sam stood up, and placed the huge paddle against Linda’s huge butt.  Linda flinched slightly.  Sam said nothing, but pulled the paddle back from Linda and then, in a fast, curving upward arc, swung the paddle against Linda’s fleshy bottom.  “CRACK!”  The sound was much louder than everyone expected, and I saw Julie and Kathy jump slightly.  Linda emitted a low grunt, but stayed perfectly still, as Sam held the paddle against her.  After a few seconds, Sam brought the paddle back again, and held it there for another few seconds.  Then, he swung it again, in a duplicate arc, impacting Linda’s ass with another “CRACK!”  This time, Linda was pushed forward, and I heard a quiet ‘Oooohh!’


I looked at Julie, and she sat there looking proud, as Linda took her spanking with complete dignity.  Kathy had her hand on her forehead.  I watched Linda, who was staying perfectly in position, waiting for Sam to tell her to get up.  I hoped that Sam hadn’t planned a ‘corner time’, as Julie and Linda were already submitting to a lot.  I looked, but could not see any droplets in Linda’s hairs, but wouldn’t be at all surprised if she had been turned on even before she got into the chair.  Then, Linda said, still looking ahead, "Thank you, Sir."


Sam said, “And that’s how a spanking should be taken.  Please get up, Linda.  You were fantastic!”  When Linda extricated herself from the chair, and stood up, Sam hugged her firmly.  Then, he gave her a peck on the lips, and said, “Linda, I’m very proud of you.  For participating all day, and for the way you took your spanking.”  Linda smiled demurely, and went back to the couch, putting on her underwear before she sat back down.



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