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Excerpts from Reviews





John Staughton

"Freier delivers another knock-out romp"

"The fast-paced erotic scenes are intense and exhilarating"

"Freier doesn’t hold back"

"A no holds barred adventure through the depths of sexual expression and personal exploration"

"I could put myself in [the characters’] shoes"

"Freier continues to expand the sexual world in new and unexpected ways"



"I’m a seriously big fan of Simone Freier and all that she writes"

"I was absolutely blown away by [Birthday Experience]"

"If you loved 50 Shades, you will definitely enjoy the books in this collection – I know that I like these even better"

"It’s not only erotica, but there is an actual storyline as well"

"The characters are written well, and the plot itself is engaging"

"I almost felt as if I was in Europe with both Sam and Kelly"


Marc Stern

"It takes a strong author to create a wild scene, using BDSM as the plot hook, while never letting the prop overpower the story"

"Freier’s skill as an author shines"

"[Freier] uses her considerable skill to keep the story on track"

"Freier has skillfully woven a tale that highlights the continued deepening of their commitment … as the [relationship evolves]"


Karen Ruggiero

"I can't get enough of Simone Freier, or her writing"

"I am blown away by each and every book; each seems to be a little bit better than the last"

"European Experience by far exceeded my expectations, and got me completely hooked"

"It's rare for an author to have this kind of talent, but Freier definitely has it"

"What I love about this series is that It's way more than just erotica. There is actual storyline here, and real love between Sam and Kelly.

     Their chemistry is just off the hook!"

"I truly can't wait for the next book in the series to come out."


Miss Aliax

"Each one of these novels is more exciting and fun filled than the [one before]"

"This adventure gets hot and heavy"

"Simone captures the reader’s attention every time"

"All her descriptions are accurate and spot on to any man or woman’s desires"

"Another amazing read"

"Normally a series hits its peak, but not the EXPERIENCES series; this will only get better and better"



"50 Shades of Grey has nothing on the EXPERIENCES series by author Simone Freier!"

"The erotic passages are certainly to make the hair on your neck stand straight up"

"Freier provides a serious jolt of realism"

"The books are raw and gritty"

"A cold shower isn’t a bad thing, after finishing one of these stories"



"[Kelly and Sam] are so close, so intimate, the reader almost starts to feel jealous"

"The connection … is not just physical, it’s spiritual, mental, a higher state of connecting"

"Simone Freier is an excellent author, detailed and thorough"

"I could picture myself right there with Sam and Kelly"



"In a world of poor writing, this is a breath of fresh air"

"Not only are the books engaging but they’re nice and long"

"The atmosphere was vivid and, as usual, the fetishes were hot, steamy and realistic"

"If you love adult fiction … you’ll love this series"


Jan Heart

"Despite the fact that this is now book 5 in the Experiences Series I’m still loving it"

"Simone Freier is a hugely entertaining and accomplished fictional writer"

"The level and depth of knowledge about life and love in some of the cities and countries of Europe is impressive and entertaining"

"In a variety of fascinating settings, Sam and Kelly have an intense and amazing range of experiences"

"I still find the dual narrative voice so skillfully managed, and it works so well in revealing the characters"



K. Hair

"Freier continues to master both sex and storytelling"

"Simone Freier ups the ante even further in terms of both the book’s erotic content and the burgeoning wealth of exploratory experiences"

"It is refreshing to meet new personalities and experience new erotic sensations across the book’s nineteen chapters"

"This is a real situation that would be encountered by such a couple in real life; that is where Freier continues to excel the most"

"Freier takes two characters to whom some might not be able to relate, yet makes them relatable"

"Her series is likely to continue successfully until she is ready to finish it"



"European Experience by Simone Freier is … my 5th novel by this intriguing erotica author"

"The intimacy that [Sam and Kelly] share is to be envied"

"These books are about more than just the sexual side of their relationship, but also how they grow together in both a spiritual and a

     mental sense as well"

"I particularly enjoyed the cultural aspects of this book as we follow Sam and Kelly all over Europe"

"If you are into kink and love a good relationship I would definitely recommend this book"


Grady Harp

"Well written suggestive but not pornographic storyline"

"This [may] be Simone Freier’s best book of the series"

"The special aspect of the story is that we recognize and like the characters as people"

"Fine writing from an author who knows her genre"


Amy Shannon

"This book is very well written"

"I highly recommend the entire series"


Robin Perron

"Simone writes in such a way that you not only enjoy the kink but also the story"

"You start to wonder where your limits would lie in a similar situation"

"I’m glad to have taken this journey with Kelly and Sam and hope to get to read more novels about them"


Owen Robinson

"Kelly and Sam’s relationship continues to be a compelling read"

"[The erotic sections] … are very well written"



"Very graphic in detail, but a great read nonetheless"

"Exciting read!"


John Phiser

"I was curious to see how the author would handle [the Europe trip].  She did a fantastic job!"

"Kelly is truly blossoming into the most amazingly beautiful and confident young woman"



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