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Excerpt #1:  Origins of a Fetish (Book 1)




I knelt down, and continued bathing Liz, working my way down the backs of her legs, and washing her feet, as Liz put her hand on my shoulder to steady herself, and lifted each foot, in turn, off the shower tile.


My head was at her crotch-level, as I worked my way up her legs to her thighs.  I washed each of her upper thighs with one of my hands between her legs, but only grazing her pubic hair.


I stood up, and asked, “How are you doing?”


She quickly replied, “I’m fine.  You’re doing a great job bathing me!”


I then took the bar of soap, and moved it over her pubic hair to create a froth of lather, and slid my other hand down, using my middle finger to slightly part her labia on each down-stroke, and slipped my finger inside her, moving it around, and then quickly back out, and continued washing her hips and waist.


Liz moaned, and whispered, “The soap burns down there!”  I used the hand-held showerhead to rinse her pubic hair area, and took the opportunity to once again let my hand slip down, and put a finger into her to get some water in, and the soap out.  Liz didn’t say anything but seemed amused by my actions.


I continued soaping her body, moving up across her stomach, and over and around her small breasts.  I spent some time washing her breasts, squeezing them, and running my fingers lightly over, and then pinching her nipples, which seemed to instantly become erect.  I heard a moan, and saw that Liz’ eyes were closed.


I turned her around, facing the shower again, and rinsed her off – doing another once-over with my hands across her body.  I stood behind her, pressing my front to her back, reaching my arms around to hold her breasts.


Then I turned her around, and gave her a big hug, and said “Thank you.  I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did.”

Liz looked up at me, bit her lip, and said in a low, serious voice, “That was really nice.”  She hugged me, and then said, brightly, “Now, it’s my turn!”


I stepped back from her, ready to turn around to face the showerhead on my side.  She glanced down, and then exclaimed, “I’m really surprised that you don’t have an erection!  Aren’t I a turn-on for you?”


I stepped towards her, and held her shoulders firmly in my hands, looking directly into her eyes.  “Yes Liz, you are a beautiful woman, and an incredible turn-on.  If you weren’t married, I’d be very tempted to ravage you right now.  But our friendship is very important to me, and I don’t want to spoil it by coming on to you.”


Liz looked into my eyes and said, “Our friendship is important to me, too.  You know I wouldn’t have even thought of doing something like this with anyone else … but I trust you, and know you wouldn’t do anything I didn’t want.  And I trust myself.  Sorry, if this disappoints you, but I’m not planning on having sex with you, or anyone besides my husband.”


I said sincerely, “Liz, it’s not a disappointment.  It wasn’t expected.  And, I’d rather we remain as long-term friends than as short-term lovers.”


Liz nodded, and said, “Thank you.  But I would still like to know how you can have such self-control, with us both nude in the shower, and you bathing my private parts.”


I replied, “Well, you know I’ve gone to nude beaches for many years, so I don’t automatically get turned-on every time I see a nude woman, even a beautiful woman like you, at close range.  I’ve taken showers with other women, on a friendly basis.  I could certainly get turned-on within a minute or two, if I started fantasizing, or thinking about us making love, or if I started ‘doing’ myself … but I won’t do that.  Unless, you really want to see what I look like with an erection?” 


Liz chuckled, and said, “No, that’s OK.  I prefer you this way.  But don’t worry if it happens; I don’t feel threatened by you.”


I turned to face the shower stream, and Liz bathed me, slowly – showing off her expertise at massage.  It felt wonderful.


She worked her way down my back, and roughly grabbed and squeezed my buttocks.  She put the bar of soap at the top of my butt crack, and began sliding it back and forth, lower and lower, until it was over my anus.  I felt her hand sliding down, and was stunned when she slipped a finger into me.  She pushed it in further, and bent the tip of her finger so that it was pressing against my prostate.  I must have moaned involuntarily, as she laughed, and said, “Yes, I’m familiar with anatomy, too.  I thought you might like this.”


My breathing became heavier, and I felt a stirring that I could not avoid.  Liz must have realized this, as she reached around, and took my manhood in her hand, squeezing gently, and then stroking it, in time with the movement of her finger that was still in my rectum, rhythmically pressing on my prostate.  We were silent, and I only wished that this would go on forever.


I did start to get hard, and Liz laughed again, and said, “See, I knew you weren’t that strong!  I guess now that I’ve got you going, we’ll just have to finish, so you’re relaxed again.”  She kept up the movement with both of her hands, while she pressed her breasts against my back.


By this time, my breathing was ragged, and knew I wasn’t far from having an orgasm.  Liz whispered, “It’s OK.  It’s the least I can do for you, after you’ve been so nice to me.  You really are a gentleman.  And now, you’ll be rewarded.”



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