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The book is wonderfully written and the character development is exceptional

This book is very well written

The author is obviously an accomplished story teller

The story unfolds naturally and the scenes are incorporated into the plot seamlessly

The characters are fully realized

Phil Bolos


The story flows very well

The author has taken the time to ensure a very polished final product

The editing is done well

The dialogue moves the story along at a steady pace

The transformation of the lead character from the first book to the last is something to be marveled at 


Books Are Forever Blog


The Experiences series continues to impress me

The stories are detailed and entertaining, and the characters are very realistic

Fans of erotica and erotic romance should try this series

Julius Z


This story is awesome

I like the development of the characters, especially their honesty about what they really want

I like that this book breaks those boundaries about sex


I Heart Reading


The books are sensual, and very intimate

Recommended to fans of erotic romance who are looking for a book that can give them an intimate journey into the character’s minds and      motivations, while at the same time offering a sensual story


David Styles


The book’s stated main purpose is to challenge readers to think about such topics and open eyes to experiences they otherwise might not.      It accomplishes that goal

 BDSM is a broad palette, and Freier paints with a lot of it here

Chelsey McQuitty


I found the part of the book when Kelly was learning to become a professional dominatrix absolutely fascinating, eye-opening and occasionally eye-watering!


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