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Excerpt #1:  Island Experience (Book 7)



As we stood at the railing, only a few feet from Bridal Veil Falls, getting hit by gusts of wind and water, Sam turned to me, and we kissed.  The hoods of our yellow ponchos almost made a private ‘tent’, as our faces came together.


My mind whirled, and I suddenly felt this was symbolic of my relationship with Sam:  Being blasted by a storm, Sam at the middle of it also being blasted, and we were standing up to the storm, being blasted together.  We were both willing and enthusiastic to do adventurous things, even ones that pushed our usual limits.


We strolled to Terrapin Point, at the edge of the Horseshoe Falls, and then on a path that led to a footbridge that crossed to Three Sisters Islands.  We seemed to be the only ones on the farthest island.  I saw Sam looking around; then, he gave me the evil grin, and I knew what he was thinking.  “But, Sam, this place is overrun with tourists.  People will see us!”


Sam chuckled, then scrambled through the plants, and over a small boulder.  I waited for him to return, then took one more look across the footbridge, before following him.  We were on the rocks, at the edge of the water.  Sam bowed, and pointed to a relatively flat rock surface.

As I looked out at the rapids, I shook my head, “Sam, do you realize that if we went into the water, we would be going over the falls in less than a minute?”


Sam laughed, “Probably more like thirty seconds!  But we’re not going into the water.”  He lowered his pants and sat back on a rock.  Were we really going to do this?  It would be our first time trying ‘public sex’.  Although there really weren’t that many people around here right now, it was about as public as I wanted to get.


Sam patted his lap, and I straddled him, putting him in me, and rocking forward and back, his arms around me – hopefully not letting me fall backwards into the water.


I had to admit, it was a beautiful place, the only sound being the rushing of water.  I put my arms around Sam, and closed my eyes, continuing my rocking motion.  There didn’t seem to be much motion for Sam, but he was ‘hitting the right spot’ for me.


Within a few minutes, my rocking had increased, and Sam was thrusting his hips into me, as our twin orgasms exploded.  As we slowed, I relaxed forward onto Sam, my head on his shoulder.  Images flew through my brain of standing next to the Horseshoe Falls, being soaked by the Bridal Veil Falls; and the scenes from the bow of the boat.


Sam stroked my back, and then lifted my head to his, and we began a romantic, passionate kiss … that was rudely curtailed when we heard voices from behind us.  I giggled, but Sam put his finger to his lips in a stern warning not to make a sound.


I wasn’t sure what anyone would see – perhaps just the two of us sitting together … Sam, with a bare butt.  There was some talking in a language I didn’t recognize, and then footsteps, as they walked back over the footbridge.  “That was a pretty close one!”


Sam shook his head, “Nah, just enough to be exciting.”  Well, that was enough excitement for one day, for me!  Then I flashed on the fact that just about anything new we did, at least sexually, would probably be pretty exciting.


Sam had managed to get us a prime view table at the Top of the Falls restaurant, and we decided to ‘graze’, and just enjoy the view.  Sam ordered the charcuterie plate to start, along with a bottle of chardonnay.


After a few swallows of wine, my body and my mind relaxed.  I thought how nice it was that Sam and I were traveling together again.  Sam really knew how to enjoy a place – not skimping on the experiences … or the food.  We savored the food, and the wine, and the view … and each other.


We had just returned to our suite when we saw, through the sheer drapes, the falls suddenly being illuminated in a rainbow of colors.  From our room, we could see both the American Falls and the Horseshoe Falls.  As I stood at the window looking at the sight, Sam came up from behind, and put his arms around me, kissing my neck.


I turned around, “Again?”  Sam’s sexual energy was never-ending.  Sam turned me around and smiled, then we kissed.  Of course, I enjoyed sex – especially with Sam – but I was also enjoying the incredible light show out our window.  “OK, Sam.  But only if we can watch the light show at the same time.”


The colors had morphed, the entire Horseshoe Falls now a boiling cauldron of red, with billows of red mist rising to the top of the cliff.  I smiled at Sam, “Well, it is romantic.”  We turned off the room lights and opened the drapes; one entire wall of our suite was glass, and it was like watching a widescreen 3D show.


We undressed, and I pulled one of the armchairs next to the window, the back of the chair only inches away from the glass.  Getting into the chair position, my arms folded on the back of the chair, I arched my back, and thrust my bum into the air.


Sam stood behind me, stroking my back, and reaching under to hold my breasts.  Now the light was morphing again, the Horseshoe Falls now a deep blue.  The American Falls were multihued, and I tried to make out the Cave of the Winds on one edge and the Crow’s Nest on the other edge of the Falls, where we had been this afternoon.


I took a passive role, letting Sam get himself ready, while I watched the spectacle.  But Sam is nothing, if not gallant, and he got me ready, also.  I gasped, as Sam’s hand slid under me, his fingers finding their target, my arousal quickly heightening.


Sam entered me slowly, both of us savoring the feeling of our joined bodies.  He moved in slow strokes, as the light show continued.  I hadn’t been turned on when we started, but between Sam’s manual skills and the romance of the evolving colors of the Falls, I came – as they say – ‘never looking back’.



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