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Excerpt #5:  Island Experience (Book 7)



We went inside and sat in the screen room.  Sam said, “I was planning to offer Kathy – and the rest of you – a massage … but now I don’t know when that will ever happen.


Linda smiled, her eyes sparkling, “I’d love a massage, Sam.”  Then, she glanced at Julie, “Unless Julie would like to take the first one?”


Julie shook her head, “I’m OK, Linda.”  She looked at me, “Maybe Kelly and I will take a little walk on the beach.


When Julie and Kelly left, Linda used the bathroom, then walked nude into the living room.  She asked, “How do you want me?”


I laughed, “Let me count the ways …”  I pointed, and Linda lay on her stomach on the mattress.  I told Linda, “I’d like to try giving you a ‘Thai’ massage – using my entire body, like I’ve heard the women do in the Thai massage parlors.”


Linda gave me a ‘look’, then shrugged, putting her head on the mattress.  I got onto my hands and knees above her head, and began, as usual, with my hands doing a deep massage from Linda’s shoulders and neck, down her back, feeling each vertebra.


I inched my way down, my legs now on the mattress on either side of Linda’s head, drizzled more oil on her back, and lowered myself onto her, so that my stomach was ‘massaging’ her back, and my hands were focusing their efforts on her gluteal muscles.


Continuing my way down her body, my legs squeezed against Linda’s side, as my stomach passed over her butt, my hardness now between her legs.  I massaged each leg and, pulling myself further down her body, gave her a foot massage, my weight now on her hips and legs.


I turned around, and straddled Linda’s hips, my partial erection settling into her butt crack, and I leaned forward and massaged her back, which resulted in my stroking myself against Linda, at the same time.


Linda turned over, as I continued to straddle her hips, and I leaned forward, massaging between and around her breasts.  Then, I lowered myself completely onto her, breasts squashed against my chest, my length against her stomach.


I reached up and massaged Linda’s forehead, ears, and neck; then my hands ran across Linda’s chest and over her shoulders.  I licked and kissed her nipples.


Now fully erect, I lowered my head to Linda’s and whispered, “Would you like a ‘happy ending’ … or, maybe, a ‘happy middle’?”


Linda chuckled, “It seems like you’re the one who needs a ‘happy middle’.”  Linda lifted her head, and smiled at me, “You may take me, any way you like.”  Then, Linda gave me a severe look, “But, if you come before me, you will agree that I can give you a thousand spanks.”


Linda was laughing, now, my retort being, “Your arm couldn’t last for a thousand spanks. I’m not sure either one of us could count that high …”  I knew that she could actually give me that many spanks, but I was pretty confident that I could make her come first.


I had always given massages as professionally as possible in the past, no sex involved … except perhaps a ‘happy ending’, if the massagee desired.  But this was more of a sensual body contact, than a massage.  Linda wasn’t complaining.


Turning her over, I sat on my heels, and pulled her up to me.  She helped slip me into her, as it took all my effort to pull her up to me by her hips.  Once she was in me, she was able to thrust back into me, freeing my arms, which I put around her, my fingers over her clit.


I had gotten Linda off several times, and paid close attention to her response, in order to intensify her experience.  My fingers worked, moving forward and down, into Linda, as she thrust her pelvis back to meet me.


Although I stayed hard, I focused on satisfying Linda, and not fantasizing.  Soon, Linda was bucking against me, and I felt her vaginal muscles contract, and her hot secretions creaming me.  Linda was panting and moaning, as I thrust into her, my fingers continuing their pressure, without movement, over her clit.


I visualized the girls lined up on the first night, bent over the couch.  As I savored the feeling of being inside Linda, I imagined myself taking each of the girls from behind.  I took handfuls of Linda’s hips, and pulled her against me, as I came repeatedly.  Linda continued thrusting, and I felt that I was near passing out.


When I slipped out of Linda, I turned her over, and lay flat against her, from head to toes,  with only slight weight on my knees that straddled her.  I kissed her deeply.  Then, I laughed, “I guess that was only a partial massage.  But I hope you were as satisfied as I was.”


Linda kissed me back, “It was wonderful, Sam.  Thank you.”  I rolled off her, and she lifted her head, “I think we need to take a shower.”  I couldn’t have asked for a better invitation, so we went into Julie and Linda’s bathroom, and bathed each other.


When we came out, Kelly and Julie were back.  “How was your walk?”


Kelly smiled, “It’s really a beautiful bay.  Especially at sunset.”  Then, she looked at me, wearing only my running shorts, and Linda, in a t-shirt with nothing underneath, “So how was the massage?”


I laughed, “Now I know why only women give Thai massages … it’s just too easy for me to get turned on, and too hard for me to last long enough to give a good massage.”  Kelly nodded and laughed.


Linda was shaking her head, and looked at Kelly, “Sam gave me a great massage.”  Looking at me, she chuckled, “You were turned on already when we started!”  All I could do was shrug.  I’d tried.



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