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Excerpt #5:  Friends' Experience (Book 6)



I put on a pair of shorts and a Hawaiian shirt, and went out to the backyard; there were still five chairs around the glass patio table, but the sky was mostly clouded, the weather looking threatening. I hoped that we could have lunch out here ... and then maybe go in the pool for a while.


As I walked back into the kitchen, I heard Kelly welcoming her friends at the front door. Entering the living room, I was surprised to see that everyone, including Kelly, looked like they were ready to go out to a nightclub: They wore dresses – even Kathy – and had on nylons and high-heel shoes.


Smiling when they saw me, they crowded around and wished me a happy birthday. Julie took my head in her hands, smiled at me, and gave me a deep and lingering kiss. When we had come up for air, Linda took her place, hugged me, and then she too gave me an open-mouth and intimate kiss. Kathy smiled, and stepped up to me, “Happy birthday, Sam.” I bent and gave her a quick peck her on the lips, but as I pulled back, she smiled and leaned forward, giving me a brief, but very nice French kiss.


I looked at Kelly’s friends and chuckled, “Well, I guess Kelly has gotten me over my discomfort with sharing saliva. And, we don’t consider kissing – or eating after each other – part of our definition of ‘sex’, anymore.” The girls laughed easily.


Julie reached down, cupping her hand over the mound in my pants, “Well, we’ve all had sex with you, Sam.” When I started to look shocked, thinking about the ménage with Julie – that, I assumed, her friends were not aware of – Julie continued, “By your definition, we all had sex – at least oral sex – during Kelly’s birthday party.”


She glanced at Linda and Kathy, and then stared at Kelly, as she announced, “And the ménage we had cleared up any doubts about us having had sex ... by anybody’s definition.” Now, I really was shocked; I had expected that the experience between Julie, Kelly and I would have remained private.


Kathy exclaimed, “Ménage?!??” She looked at Kelly for confirmation, and received an almost-imperceptible nod. “I guess you guys really do share each other.”


Linda, looking down at her feet, quietly commented, “Yeah, they do. After our schoolgirl scene, Kelly insisted that Sam take me from behind ... with her watching!” Now, it was pandemonium, Julie making exaggerated gasps and expressions, and Kathy grinning broadly and shaking her head. Linda turned to me, and added, “And, it was really nice, Sam. Thank you.” She pulled my head to her, and gave me another slobbery, wet kiss.


Kelly said brightly, “Shall we have lunch, now?” We all laughed, and proceeded into the kitchen to make our sandwiches.


There was some tittering as we filled our plates and Kathy, turning to Linda, said, “You didn’t share that part with us, when we had lunch!”


Linda just shrugged, but looked at Julie, and remarked, “And you didn’t tell us about having a ménage with Kelly and Sam!”


Now Julie shrugged, and said, “I don’t usually ‘kiss and tell’ ... but since we’ve all agreed to be so open today, I thought it would be a good ‘ice-breaker’.”


I harrumphed, and held the door open for the girls to go out to the backyard. Julie shook her head, as she passed me, “Sam, it is your birthday, and Kelly has told us how much you stress openness ...” We sat around the glass table; we hadn’t bothered with a tablecloth, as it would undoubtedly be raining soon.


There was nothing I could say in answer to Julie’s comment: I did believe in openness and honesty ... but knew there had to be a limit. It seemed OK to share within this group of friends, as we’d all shared some intimate physical experiences with each other.  But I certainly wouldn’t have been happy sharing these things with other people, such as my neighbor, Alex … although she’d been very open with us.


At the time – each time we had gotten together with Kelly’s friends – our activities had seemed natural, but perhaps we had been overly promiscuous? Once again, I was confused, my thoughts confounded by a combination of ideals and practicalities, fantasies and realities. I shook my head, and took a bite of my sandwich.


About the time most of our food had been consumed, we saw a huge bolt of cloud-to-cloud lightning, and almost immediately heard the crack and rumble of thunder. A few seconds later, drops of rain began to fall and, by the time we filed back into the kitchen, there was a downpour. We cleaned up the buffet, and Kelly suggested that we go downstairs to the playroom where, it was now clear, most of my birthday party would take place.



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