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Excerpt #3:  Island Experience (Book 7)



Sam picked up one of the flip-flops, and bent it, examining the tread on the bottom.  Then, he laid it on Julie’s rear; it covered a good portion of her bum.  Julie really would be feeling this spanking the rest of the day … and evening.


Raising the slipper, Sam said “Happy birthday, Julie.”  Then, he brought the slipper down with a loud ‘THWACK!’ on Julie’s rear.  Her legs flew out straight, and her free hand was waving in the air, but she brought it back onto the boulder, and counted, “One, Sir.”


Sam gave Julie one swat every ten seconds or so, and the scene repeated:  Julie bouncing and crying out, then giving Sam the count, as he rubbed her redness.  After a half dozen swats, Sam slowed down, putting his hand under Julie and stroking several times between each swat.


“You’re getting your dress wet,” Sam told her.  Julie lifted her middle, allowing Sam to pull the front of her dress up, so that her crotch was over Sam’s right thigh.  I looked down the stream again, but nobody from the party was venturing in this direction.


Sam continued Julie’s birthday spanking, finishing with a last few zingers, the rubber sole of the flip-flop making a solid sound against Julie’s bum.  Julie was sobbing and panting, and Sam rubbed her bottom, then slipped his hand under her again.


Looking up at us, Sam said, “Maybe we can skip the extra three, since we did an extra three last night?”  Linda and I nodded, and Julie let her head drop.


Julie said softly, “Thank you, Sam.”  I didn’t know if Julie was thanking him for the spanking, or for agreeing to not give her an extra three swats.


As Sam’s fingers did their magic under Julie, Linda stepped up to them and began massaging Julie’s bottom.  I positioned myself in front of Julie, bending over the boulder and taking her head in my hands.  Julie and I kissed, as Julie’s breath became more ragged, Sam really focusing now on his task, and making good progress.


We all worked on Julie quietly, the only sounds being her panting breath and the gurgling of the water in the stream.  Julie began gyrating her hips, then bucking her middle, as Sam brought her to the edge.  My tongue entered Julie’s hot mouth, as Julie’s motions became arrhythmic, her body jerking and trembling as she came.


When she had calmed, Sam helped her up and let her dress drop.  Then, Sam stood and took Julie in his arms.  “I’m sorry we had to celebrate your birthday late ... but so glad that I could bring you here – to the island, and to this place for your party.”


Julie draped her arms over Sam’s shoulders, “Thank you, again, Sam.  This has been an incredible trip.”  Then, as an after-thought, Julie chuckled, “I just hope I can keep up with you guys on the hike tomorrow.”


Sam cocked his head, “You mean the spanking hurt so much, you might not be able to walk?”


Julie pushed Sam away, “No, silly.  I’m not sure my legs are going to have the stamina.  Just the first part of the trail that we hiked was pretty rugged … and you said that was nothing, compared to the full hike.”


Sam nodded, “That’s true.  It’ll be challenging, but I know you’ll make it.”  He gave her a peck on the lips, and we headed back along the edge of the stream to the party.


The first people we saw were Kathy and Christian, who were walking slowly near the stream, talking.  As we approached, they looked up, and Kathy asked, “Did I miss anything?”


Julie reached back and rubbed her bum through her dress, and smiled thinly at Kathy.

Christian was confused, and looked at Kathy, who explained, “Sam just gave Julie her ‘birthday spanking’.”


Linda chimed in, “We all did.”


Christian must have thought we were joking, but Kathy goaded Julie, “Maybe you should show him?”


Julie shrugged, turned her back to Kathy and Christian, and lifted the back of her dress.  By the time it was up to her waist, Christian was staring, silently; then a big grin formed on his face, and he looked at Kathy.


Looking down at the ground, Kathy said, “My birthday isn’t for another month.”  She glanced at me, and stared at Sam; then, still looking at Sam but talking to Christian, she offered, “I guess I could let you give me an early birthday spanking, if you want.”


Sam smiled, obviously delighted that he was going to see Christian spank Kathy.  But Christian was confused and tongue-tied.  Finally, he whispered to Kathy, “Maybe we can do that when you visit me.”


Julie let her dress drop, and said, brightly, “I’m starving.  Shall we see what’s for dinner?”



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