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Question & Answer with Sam

Q: As this it the holiday season, and we're approaching the New Year, what would you say to our readers?

A: First, I wish all of you Happy Holidays, and a prosperous New Year! Each time someone reads one of the EXPERIENCES novels, Kelly and I feel even more real. It is our readers who keep us 'alive'. So, thank you for beleving in us (and in Simone, who created us)!

Second, my wish for everyone is that they evolve and grow - in their relationships, their feelings, and their experiences. It has been said many times that the road to peace is paved with communication, and I strongly believe in honest communication - between friends, partners, family, and the outside world.

Most of all, I hope that your growth through new experiences - regardless of your chronological age - will result in greater understanding of, and more tolerance to, other people, other ways of life, and other value systems. While we each may believe that what we have is the greatest thing, there are always alternatives, other 'ways of living', lifestyles, social forms, and cross-cultural exploration.

In the EXPERIENCES saga, Simone has attempted to show an alternative lifestyle - one that is unique, but may be played out in many forms. How relationships, between couples and among friends, may progress, if the basis is openness and honest communication. There must always be trust, and this may be the most difficult aspect in real-life relationships.

Hopes for the New Year? Other than world peace, health, and prosperity? I look forward to new experiences with Kelly, as our relationship continues to grow - more travel, more exploration, getting our company off the ground, and having more great experiences with Kelly's friends.

And, I hope that Simone has a prosperous year with her EXPERIENCES novels, perhaps finishing the series with another 2-3 books (10 books are planned, in total). Kelly and I look forward to interacting with the readers of our story, and would be delighted to be 'completely open and honest' with you, in answering any of your burning questions.

Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!

- Sam Johnson (along with Kelly Walsh, a main character in the EXPERIENCES novels)

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