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EXPERIENCES Excerpts (Friends #8)

EXTRA Excerpt for XMAS!

A weekly feature on my Blog: Excerpts from my EXPERIENCES series of Intelligent Erotic Romance novels. They will be provided in a random order, but most will be from the latest novels, working backward to the earlier novels. Please be aware that some of these contain graphic sex scenes.


Friends' Experience - Excerpt #8

I asked Sam to sit on the chair kitty-corner to the couch, and he retrieved a towel from the bathroom, covered the chair, and sat down, looking a little uncomfortable that he was in his birthday suit, while the rest of us wore fancy dresses; this despite his openness, and the fact we’d spent my entire birthday nude with each other.

Smiling, I turned to my friends, “I thought we could give Sam a short break, before his next ‘challenge’.” They nodded. Sam looked at me questioningly, but he would just have to wait to find out what we had planned.

“I will ask you guys a few questions. Any of you can volunteer to answer them, and your answers can be serious or joking. But, it may be interesting for all of us to hear the answers, especially Sam.” My friends did not know what I would be asking, and I hoped to receive candid answers from them.

I looked down at the sheet I’d printed. “First, please finish this sentence: ‘The first time I met Sam ...’”

Linda immediately raised her hand, and I pointed to her. She smiled, “… he shocked me by suggesting that he give me a ‘birthday spanking’ that same night!” Julie and I laughed; Kathy had been in Mexico at the time, but we’d all relayed the story to her.

Then, Julie piped up, “... I wondered who this old guy was with you, and why you were squealing, every time you started to talk.” Yes, Sam had asked me to insert that crazy remote-controlled vibrator, while we sat in the booth of the fancy French restaurant, and he’d triggered it when I tried to reply to Julie’s and Linda’s questions.

Kathy volunteered, “... I nearly cracked-up, seeing him in his tiny European-style underwear.” Even Sam had to laugh at this one. My friends were all smiling, and nodding, awaiting the next question.

I continued, “OK. Fill in the next line: ‘I wish I had a picture of the time ...’”

Julie immediately answered, “... you came outside in the Victorian dress Sam had bought as a costume for your birthday party, and you first saw him dressed as a pirate!” Again, we all laughed, everyone nodding.

Continuing down the list, I read, “I knew that Sam was a true friend when ...’”

This time, Kathy answered, “... he let me masturbate on top of him, without touching me inappropriately, or asking for me to satisfy him, afterward.” We all flashed on the night of my birthday party, when Julie and I had been in the playroom bed, and Sam ‘made the rounds’ to satisfy Linda and Kathy, in the pitch black room.

This was fun, but I wanted to get on to the next ‘event’. I looked at my friends, and asked one more question, “Finally, what are the top reasons why you are surprised that Sam made it to 51?”

Julie laughed, “Because there are only a certain number of orgasms a man can have in his lifetime, and Sam must surely have used them all up, by now.” Everyone applauded, except Sam.

Sam whined, “That’s just not true.” He gave us the ‘evil smile’, “I have a lot more orgasms in me!” We were hysterical.

Linda gave her answer, “Because I would have thought, with all his pushing, that somebody would have killed him, by now.” That was funny – sort of; Sam did push too hard. But, then, all of us had come a long way – in our openness, and in our mutual relationships – due to Sam’s pushing.

Although there were several questions left, I walked over to the desk and put down the paper. Then, I picked up a small box that I’d stored in the credenza. As I walked back to the couch, I said, “Well, Sam, you wanted to have a version of this game during my birthday party ... so now we’ll have a different version at yours.” Sam looked at me inquisitively, and I could see his brain processing all the things he’d planned for my party. I didn’t make him wait long.

Smiling at him sweetly, I said, “I first thought we could play ‘pin the tail on the donkey ...” Now Sam sat back, and closed his eyes. I continued, “But I think we’ll just try a little pet play.”

Sam sat motionless, waiting to hear exactly what this would require of him.

I looked at my friends, “Sam has introduced me to a lot of different fetishes, but ‘pet play’ is one of the kinks that we haven’t really tried, yet ... although Sam told you about the concept of ‘pony play’ at my birthday party.”

Looking at Sam, I continued, “So, I thought it might be fun for us to have a little ‘puppy’ that we could play with for a while.” Sam smiled, and nodded, instantly ‘getting it’; at least part of it. Now, I smiled, thinking that Sam didn’t know the half of it.

I instructed, “Sam, you can get in the chair position, now, while we have you try a few ‘tails’.

Without discussion or delay, Sam turned around, getting on his knees, widening them against the sides of the chair, and putting his head on his arms, resting on the low back of the chair. He knew what to do, and arched his back, thrusting his butt into the air. His ‘package’ swung beneath him, and there was no part of him left to the imagination ... although my friends had already seen him this way, so they didn’t need to imagine anything.

I opened the box, and pulled out a few different ‘tails’ that I’d ordered from an Internet sex shop. There were long ones and short ones, bushy ones and thin ones, and they all had a butt plug at the end, to hold them in place.

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