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Question & Answer with Sam

Q: Sam, now that you've modified your definition of 'sex', and have had sex - in some form - with each of Kelly's friends, where do you think this will lead, and how does it affect your love for Kelly?

A: As you know, I never intended to have a sexual relationship with any of Kelly's friends. The morning after Kelly's 25th birthday, when they all went down on me, resulted in transfer of body fluids between all of us ... which is how I had defined 'sex'. Even after that, I still considered the experience a 'one time thing'.

That is, until Kelly and Julie planned a ménage experience for the three of us. There was no question that we had experience sex with Julie and, after Linda's schoolgirl spanking scene, Kelly had Linda and I have a sexual experience - while she watched.

These are experiences that would have been shocking - even to me - a year ago ... but somehow, we have all become much closer, even intimate. As far as wehere it will lead, I doubt that it will change any of our relationships. While I appreciate the idea of 'polyamory', I don't think either Kelly or I are interestd in actually living with her friends, or having frequent sexual experiences with them. Ultimately, I'm sure they will each find their own boyfriends and lovers, and be uninterested in 'playing' with an older man, like me.

(laughing) Well, they might be interested in playing ... but sex was never an essential part of that - just openness with each other, and a certain amount of 'submission' to new experiences, like we have had with Kelly's friends at her birthday, and during their recent 'challenge'. I think we're all looking forward to going to Hawaii together, but - again - that has nothing to do with 'sex' (I'm not expecting to have sex with any of them).

And, regarding my love for Kelly ... our love for each other ... I don't think our experiences with her friends have change that, or will change it in the future. After a year of being together, Kelly and I are more deeply in love than ever. We've had a very 'open' relationship, but I think that has - if anything - strengthened our resolve to be toghether (despite our age difference). I cannot imagine our love being affected by our 'play' with her friends, and I expect - as they move on to their own relationships - that our experiences with them will decrease.

(chuckling) Of course, we may develop new relationships - like we have, recently, with Fiona and Justin ... but I truly don't believe that anything can diminish the love that Kelly and I have for each other. I think she knows that I'd like to spend the rest of my life with her; but at this point, she's finishing her doctoral work, getting the company started, and has a career ahead of her. Onlyl time will tell if, when, and how we finally make a long-term commitment to each other. But, I do expect it to happen: Kelly is the love of my life, and I can't imagine ever being without her.

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