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Question & Answer with Kelly

Q: Kelly, what do you think your parents would say, if they knew you were ‘dating’ Sam? Actually, a lot more than dating!

K: (upset) I wouldn’t like them to know; and they wouldn’t be very happy, if they did know. They would consider it just another of my ‘wild’ adventures. I don’t think they could possibly understand how serious we are; at least, I am.

I think my Dad would have a heart attack, if he saw some of the things we’ve done. Not that anything has really been that bad; nothing like you see on the Internet, with blood and bruises. (smirk)

But that may be Sam’s limitation: He really doesn’t want to hurt me. But I think Sam needs to push the envelope a little more than he already does. I never thought I would say that. And, I think Sam’s deluding himself: I am not ‘submitting’, as much as I am openly agreeing to take what he wants to give me. I haven’t come close to using my safeword, yet.

Back to my parents, I can imagine them being really upset. I’m sure they still hope for a backyard, summer wedding with a handsome guy my age. Actually, thinking about my parents now, maybe they have given up on me, and don’t hope for something like that. But it also doesn’t seem like they’ve ever wanted me to do something that would make me happy.

Sorry, but I can’t talk any more about this. I just hope my parents don’t find out.

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