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Excerpt #4:  Weekend Experience (Book 3)




We came out into the clearing by the pond, and Kelly gasped, “This is really beautiful!”  The setting was as perfect as I had remembered, the willow tree hanging down gracefully over the water, the boulders still in their places, and the stream still gurgling, emptying over a rocky waterfall into the pond.  It was an idyllic spot, and – as I had hoped – we had it all to ourselves.


We laid out the large sheet, holding the corners down with small stones from the edge of the pond.  Kelly and I sat on the sheet – Kelly on her knees, mesmerized by the flow of the water and sounds of birds chirping in the forest around us.


I opened the cooler and took out a bottle of Gewürztraminer, which I thought would be refreshing on such a warm day.  As the cork came out with a resonant ‘pop’, the aroma of lychee and some other fruit reached my nostrils; perhaps it was apricot, or peach, but I couldn’t tell.  I poured a taste for Kelly and I into plastic cups, and we toasted to the beautiful day, and our serene private setting.


As I started unloading the picnic basket, Kelly decided to try the water.  She stood up on the sheet, and removed her blouse and bra, then unbuttoned her shorts and pushed them down, along with her underwear, and off her long legs.


I sipped the crisp, clear wine, as Kelly walked slowly into the water, finally lowering herself fully into the pond, and pushing off from one of the rocks.  I smiled, and watched Kelly move around the pool, exploring the waterfall, the lush vegetation, and the surrounding boulders.  She yelled, “The water’s great!  Come in with me.”


I quickly removed my shorts and tank, and walked to the edge of the pond, sitting down on a boulder, then sliding into the water.  It was refreshingly cool, but no longer shockingly cold, as the warm summer weather had heated the shallow stream.  We cavorted in the pond, the shade of the trees protecting us from the baking sun.


Leaves rustled in the soft breeze, and light filtered through the canopy of trees, illuminating the pond and clearing in thousands of continuously moving flecks of light.  We stood, waist-deep near one edge of the pond, and hugged each other.  It was truly a romantic setting, and I envisioned us making love – on the sheet, or possibly with Kelly bent over one of the boulders.


It was already mid-afternoon, and I was getting hungry.  Making my way to the other side of the pond, I climbed up the rocks, and walked to the sheet, picking up one of the towels we had brought.  I stood there, drying my face and hair, when I heard Kelly shout, “Sam!”


I hung the towel around my neck, and waved to her, but Kelly gave me a surprised look and pointed toward the path we had taken earlier.  I turned to look, and was shocked to suddenly see two women approaching us.  They appeared shocked, also, seeing me standing there nude, but they continued their approach.  I casually pulled the towel from my neck, and wrapped it around my waist.


The women came into the clearing, taking off their backpacks and dropping them on the boulders at the edge of the pond, no more than a dozen feet from our king size sheet.  They looked up and smiled at me, and I offered a cheerie “Hi!” as I sat down on the sheet, wondering how this would play out.


The women were evidently in their late 30’s, both fit, but looking very different from one another.  Both were good-looking, one with dark hair – I saw now, in the dapples of light coming through the trees, that it was brown, with lighter streaks, and fell over her shoulders; and the other with light red hair, almost a cross between blonde and orange, parted in the middle, and hanging wildly to the middle of her back.


Dark hair was full-figured, with more of a pear-shaped than hourglass body type.  Orange hair was slender and well proportioned; she had a straighter body, with only a slightly hourglass shape.  They smiled at Kelly, and then at me, and orange hair returned my ‘Hi’, and added, “It’s a beautiful day here, isn’t it?”


I nodded, “Great day for a picnic,” pointing to the basket, “and some skinny-dipping.”  The women smiled.  Dark hair unfastened her belt, unzipped her pants, and removed them, then pulled her t-shirt over her head.  She wore a sexy, but elegant, bikini bathing suit:  Very dark blue in color, the tiny bottom held around the waist with multiple strings.  The suit had a halter-top, connected at the center with a circular metallic ring, multiple strings passing around her neck to hold it up.  It displayed her assets well.


Orange hair smiled at her friend and then, facing me, pulled her top over her head, her shapely B-cup breasts on display.  I saw a glint, and realized that she wore a gold ring through her left nipple.  She tugged down her shorts, putting them in her backpack.  She wore a low-cut bikini bottom, tan-colored, with a thin, dark belt-like band around the waist.  It was cute.  The women slipped into the water.


As I poured another glass of wine, my mind’s eye saw a painting by Delacroix:  A handsome man stood at the edge of a pond, filled with beautiful nymphs.  I couldn’t recall the name, or details exactly, but imagined that the nymphs had the orange-blond hair I saw in the pond before me.


The women drifted over to Kelly, and I saw them talking.  I couldn’t make out the words, as the waterfall sound masked their voices.  They were smiling and nodding.  Kelly pointed to me, and they laughed.  What an enjoyable way to spend a Sunday afternoon!




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