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Excerpt #5:  First Experience (Book 2)




I started to lift the blindfold into position over Kelly’s eyes, and she gave me a strange look, “No!  That’s for you, silly.  Let’s get it on you, now, young man.”  I stood there, dumbfounded, as she carefully placed the blindfold around my head, and pulled it down over my eyes.  She then said, “I’ll help you get on the bed – I want you face-down.”


Uh oh, this is not what I had expected.  Was she now going to take the belt to me?  I had to trust Kelly … and I did.  Kelly helped me lie down, parallel to the foot of the bed, probably near the middle (I couldn’t see, but my left arm could just reach the foot of the bed).  I felt something heavy on my bottom and thighs, and realized that Kelly had placed a towel there.  I was now lying on the bed, awaiting … what?  I was even more confused; what had I gotten myself into?


Then, Kelly was on the bed, maneuvering herself over me, and lying down on top of me – her breasts pressed against my back, her groin over my buttocks, and her legs straddling mine.  I could feel the mattress depressing, as Kelly placed her hands on the bed on both sides of my shoulders, lowering herself completely, so that her full weight was spread from my back to my legs.  She adjusted herself several times, and it was a warm, dark and very sensuous feeling to be lying immobile on the bed, dressed in my slacks and nice shirt, ready for dinner, having this beautiful creature envelope me.


As my mind began to wander, I felt Kelly reaching down with her right hand, between my bottom and her front, inching its way down – presumably for her benefit, but this was becoming an incredible turn-on for me.  I did not want to come in the underwear I had just shown her, so I lay still – not rubbing myself against the bed, which I now realized I had been doing – and just relaxing.  And, enjoying the feel of a woman masturbating on top of me.


I quickly got the point, and it didn’t take ropes and knots to keep me still.  As I let my own sexual feelings fade, and with the blindfold preventing me from seeing anything, my mind seemed to meld with Kelly’s, as it became I who was living Kelly’s masturbation in my mind’s eye – as if looking down from the ceiling, watching this beautiful woman – I could feel that her dress was still on – who was engulfing a man, as a crab or octopus capturing it’s prey before eating it.  Or, a black widow spider.  My mind was wandering again, so I focused on what was happening above me.


Kelly was stroking herself, her legs moving apart and together in time with the strokes, her breaths quickening, and her mons and hand pressing down on my bottom.  Increasing the rate of her strokes, she started bucking – almost in waves, from her chest to her legs, causing a sensual ripple of my own flesh, under my clothing.


It was an incredible feeling.  Kelly was writhing on top of me.  She was panting her warm, moist breath on my neck, her legs squeezing in on mine and then splaying apart, her arms clawing the bed next to me, and her breasts pressing on my back.  I did not know if she was oblivious to me at that moment, using me only as a platform for getting herself off – or realized how much of a turn-on it was for me, too.


Suddenly, Kelly jerked her head up, lessening the pressure of her breasts on my back, and moving her other hand quickly underneath her.  She bucked, and panted, and continued rubbing, and then calmed, relaxing completely – her entire weight pushing me into the mattress, her legs entwined in mine.  She pushed herself down slightly across my body, and then relaxed again, her head now turned with her cheek on my upper back.  I was definitely ‘turned-on’, but did not have an erection.


Actually, it was one of the strangest – and most beautiful – ‘sex’ experiences I had ever had.  I was still blindfolded, and realized that – at least for a few moments – I had given in, relaxed, and gotten into Kelly’s head (as much as was feasible, in my imagination), rather than remain in mine.  It was Kelly who had the orgasm, but I felt every moment of it with her.  It was a supremely ‘open’ way for a woman to be with a man … and yet, we were both – more or less – dressed, no need to see anything, but literally feeling the emotions of another person, who trusts you enough, and is open enough to do this.


Kelly hugged me from above, and said, “If you behave, I’ll take good care of you when we get back from dinner.”  I smiled into the bed, and thought about flipping us over, so that I was on top, and perhaps having my way with her.  But we were late for dinner, and Kelly’s offer was irresistible, although I really did plan to send her home tonight … and share a bed another time.  Not pushing the relationship too fast.


Ha!  That was a good one, after everything we had done today, on – what? – our 3rd date?  But we weren’t dating:  I was an older man who had offered to help her with her academic and career choices.  How a brief meeting in her father’s kitchen, and two lunches could have led to this was still amazing me, as was this versatile, creative, open, and thoughtful girl.  Woman.



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