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Excerpt #4:  First Experience (Book 2)




Kelly bucked a little, but kept herself reasonably in position.  She started to make little yelping sounds with each stroke, but I continued until the full 60 strokes had been delivered.


Kelly wept quietly, taking a deep breath every few seconds, and keeping her head in the pillow.  She was in the proper position, with her legs spread and toes touching the ground, but her bottom was quivering, and bounced a little whenever she sobbed.  I stood back and admired my work:  her entire lower bottom and upper thighs were red, with a mottled appearance, but I knew this had not been a very difficult punishment … yet.


I told Kelly, “Thank you for cooperating, young lady.  But I can see that we’re going to have to do better than this, if your father is to accept this punishment as the final one.”  I heard a couple of sputters from Kelly.  “I will continue your punishment – to a full level-10; in other words, another 60 strokes.”  Kelly groaned, but stayed in position, not even moving her head from the pillow.  Then, I added, “but your second half will be done with your corner time started.”


I picked a small baggie up from the floor, and shook it.  Now, Kelly’s head was up, and she was looking back at me.  I poured the contents of the bag into my hand, with a lot of clicking sounds.  I then picked up the loop at the end of the thread, and lifted the entire device out of my other hand, for Kelly to see.  Hanging from the loop was a thick black thread, on which were nine gleaming steel balls, each about an inch in diameter.  They were spaced so that there was about an inch of thread between each ball.


Kelly squinted her eyes, then widened them, first a questioning look, and then a look of comprehension.  She closed her eyes and, dropping her head on the pillow, she moaned (or groaned?).


I said, “Yes, Kelly, these are ‘anal beads’.  I will insert them until only the looped thread remains outside your anus.  Then, we will continue your wooden spoon spanking.  I leaned over her, and separated her buttocks a bit more, holding them in place with my left hand, as my right held the last stainless ball on the string, and put it up against her anus.


Kelly flinched slightly, and then relaxed, her anal sphincter, as I pushed the first ball inside her.  All I heard was an “Ummm …”, so I continued with the second ball.  Having inserted the large butt plug in the exam room, Kelly was ready for these beads, and her body took them in without complaint.  I proceeded to insert all of the steel balls, making sure the looped thread hung several inches out of her.  I then released her buttocks with my left hand, and with my right, I roughly shook her buttocks from side to side.


Kelly let out a loud, “Oooh!”


I then picked up the spoon and placed it on her left buttock, and said, “Prepare yourself, girl, the rest of your punishment will begin shortly.”


Kelly did some deep breathing and, without being asked, requested her punishment.  “I’m ready for the rest of my spanking, now, Sir.”

I smiled, and brought the convex side of the spoon down on her bottom hard and quick, moving from side to side, from bottom to legs, and back to bottom.  I pulled her buttocks upward, toward her head, with my left hand, and thoroughly covered the area between her buttocks and thighs with the spoon.


Kelly was sobbing again, swaying left and right, her toes bouncing off the floor with each stroke … but she held herself in position.  After 30 strokes of the spoon, I stopped briefly to rub my hand over her bottom and thighs, feeling for welts, or any sensitive spots, while Kelly continued quietly sobbing.  I then picked up the spoon again, and continued her spanking, until all 60 additional strokes had been delivered.


When I stopped, Kelly was still bucking, breathing hard, and sobbing.  “You’ve done well, young lady.  You have just completed another level-10 spanking, bringing your total today to level-60.”  I put the spoon down, and began softly massaging her back, starting with the evident tension in her shoulders, proceeding downward, to her waist, and then to her red bottom.


Kelly’s sobs turned into soft moans, as I rubbed her buttocks with both hands, swirling my strokes, and bringing my hands down her upper thighs, and around her legs.  As I continued rubbing lightly with my left hand, I slipped my right under her.  She repositioned herself slightly to give me better access, and my hand moved up and over her clit, and then back down, and then up once more, between her lips, confirming that – once again – the spanking had resulted in some excitation of Kelly’s private parts.


I pulled my hand out, Kelly groaning slightly, and wiped the juices off with a tissue.  As I did this, I thought about how this would be written in an erotic romance novel – certainly with me licking my fingers and savoring the fine taste of Kelly’s secretions.  However, this would – of course – be in total contradiction of our rule not to transfer body fluids.  Even so, I couldn’t help but wonder what she tasted like, and whether I would ever have the opportunity to find out.



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