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Excerpt #3:  First Experience (Book 2)




I put the tawse down on the bed, and said, “You’ve done very well Kelly.


We’ll start your corner time in a few minutes, but first, just close your eyes, and relax.  I want you to keep your hands where they are, and let me do the ‘work.’”


Between sobs and gasping breaths, Kelly said, “Thank you, Sir.  And thank you for the punishment, Sir.  I agree that was quite an experience.  Maybe after lunch, we can just play Monopoly, or something?”  She couldn’t finish the sentence without cracking up, half laughing and half crying.


We both laughed, as I slipped my hand under Kelly, and began stroking her, putting pressure to keep my hand in contact with her skin, from her moist, pink lips below, to the neat triangle of hair above.  I slowly slid my fingers along her genitals, occasionally squeezing gently when her clit was between my fingers.  I started moving with longer strokes, and increasing speed, although still very gentle and slow.

Kelly moaned, and turned her head directly into the pillow.  She slowly moved in opposition to the movement of my hand.  I would normally have inserted a butt plug – or at least the thermometer – but Kelly was going to get a good rectal experience for her corner time after she came.  As my right hand stroked her, my left hand lightly glided over her dark red bottom.  My fingers settled in her butt crack, and slowly descended until the tip of my left pointer finger was placed directly on her anus.


By this time, Kelly was in the full throes of her sexual response, moaning, moving her body to push herself even more onto my hand, and apparently oblivious of the pain she had just received.  I kept my finger on her anus, just slightly moving it in a small circle, as my right hand continued stroking – and spending more time with her clit between my fingers, which squeezed and slid, back and forth, until her breath caught, she grabbed the pillow more tightly, and emitted a muddled, “Aaah!”


I slid my hand once more over her clit, and then pulled it back, and inserted two fingers deeply into her already-dripping vagina.  I added a little pressure, and put just the tip of my left pointer finger into her anus, and held it there.  Kelly’s entire body tensed suddenly, and she emitted a high-pitched squeal into the pillow.


I felt her secretions squeeze onto my fingers, which I pulled back slightly, curling them upward to put mild pressure on the famed, but sometimes elusive, “G-spot”.  Kelly stiffened and relaxed several times, and I felt the creamy fluid of her sexual output fill her.  She turned her head to the left, facing me, and opened her eyes, smiling up at me, and again melting my heart.  I slowly pulled my fingers out of her, and grabbed a tissue.


Kelly relaxed completely, all of her weight supported by the bed.  Her chest was against the duvet, with her breasts bulging out a bit from each side.  Her long hair was now a mess, covering her shoulders, and flowing onto the bed.  And her arms circled the pillow.  It looked like every muscle in her body had relaxed.  Kelly kept smiling at me, and said, “Thank you, Sir.  That was wonderful!”


“You’re very welcome, Kelly; it was only partial thanks to you for playing with me today.  It looks like you may have finally ‘turned the corner’ from pain to pleasure.”


Kelly laughed, and blinked her eyes, “I don’t think the pain became pleasure … I’m just feeling BOTH pain and pleasure, now.”


We laughed, and I said, “Sometimes, you can’t reach the height of pleasure, without some pain.”  Kelly just closed her eyes; she was so relaxed, I thought she might fall asleep.


As Kelly lay there, I walked through the playroom to the hall, and turned to the closed and locked door to the right, opposite the bathroom.  I pushed a few numbers on a keypad, and the door swung open, the bright lights of the exam room shining through.  The exam table looking perfectly ready for a patient, and gleaming stainless steel instruments were lined up on the shelf.


I grabbed one of the two IV stands – filled enema bags hanging from each of them – and carried it into the playroom, setting it to Kelly’s right.  I went over to the small table, and retrieved the tube of KY, then walked back to Kelly’s left side, reaching over and grabbing the enema nozzle, at the end of the long tube coming from the bag on the IV pole.  I carefully lubed the nozzle, and made sure the valve was fully tightened.  I uncoiled the tubing from the IV pole, and ran it under Kelly’s right leg.


I then turned to Kelly, and said, “As you know, corner time includes a rectal insertion.  To prepare you for our after-lunch activities and, perhaps introduce you to a new experience, this corner time will include an enema.”


Kelly lifted her head, and said, “A What!??!  You’re kidding … Sir.”


 “No, Kelly, I’m not kidding.  We need to make sure you’re cleaned out properly.  Have you ever received an enema before?”


Kelly said, indignantly, “No!  Sir.”


I smiled, as I leaned down, and separated Kelly’s buttocks with my left hand.  “Then this should be interesting for you.  I know you’re no longer embarrassed by what we’re doing, and there should be minimal discomfort.  You might even find it enjoyable.”


Kelly couldn’t help saying, under her breath, “Yeah, sure …”


I pretended not to hear her.



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