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Excerpt #5:  European Experience (Book 5)



Tuesday morning, we went to Starbucks for coffee and a scone.  Kelly and I hadn’t talked much, this morning, as we were both a little nervous about the day ahead.  Just wanting to make idle conversation, I asked Kelly, “So what do you think our Domme will look like?  I’m picturing a chubby, older woman, with black hair … wearing a shiny black PVC rubber suit.”


“Sam!  You’re full of stereotypes.  She could be my age.”  Kelly munched her scone, and added, “From what I could see from her website, it looks like this is going to be pretty serious – not play-acting.  I don’t think it’s going to matter what she looks like, or what she is wearing.”  That could be true.  But I couldn’t get the stereotypical image out of my head.


I had packed a few ‘supplies’ in my backpack, in case the Domme wanted us to do a demonstration … but I really wasn’t sure exactly what we would be doing today.  Through e-mails, I had explained that Kelly and I wanted to experience an introductory session, get a little ‘formal’ training – safety tips, etc., and learn how to use new implements.  In my original letter to her, I took great pains (!) to explain that I was turned on by submission – including my own – and that Kelly and I had tried spankings and some types of medical fetish.  And, that each of us was a ‘switch’, although my main role had been as ‘top’, and Kelly’s as ‘bottom’.


We took the tube, and then two short over-ground trains to an area called Kew Gardens, where there is a botanical garden, and an upscale residential neighborhood.  It was supposed to be a ’10-minute’ walk from the station, but took us nearly twenty minutes.  Altogether, it had taken more than an hour to get here.  The town was cute, and the residential streets were quiet, the only signs of life being a few mothers perambulating their small children.  The houses, in long rows, had designs in white on a background of red or brown brick – not dissimilar to the designs on the buildings we had seen in Rothenburg.  There were many bay windows, but none had flower boxes, as they would have in Germany.  I glanced at Kelly, as we walked up the steps and rang the bell; my stomach suddenly felt hollow, and my knees were a bit weak.  Kelly smiled thinly, and held my arm.


The door opened, and we were ushered in to the house, and then into a study – more like a formal library in dark woods, and heavy furniture.  The woman ushering us was older, heavyset, with short brown hair, and she wore all black.  She asked if we would like something to drink, and Kelly answered, “Some water, please?”


When the woman left, I turned to Kelly and smiled, “See!  What did I tell you?”


At that moment, a younger woman entered the library – perhaps in her late thirties – wearing a black silk blouse, with a deep V-cut in front, and a stylish gray and black skirt, that came down to a few inches above her knees.  She wore a simple gold necklace with some kind of pendant, and an expensive-looking gold watch on her wrist.  She was good-looking, in a mature way, perhaps ten pounds overweight, but her buxom body being well proportioned.  She had sandy hair that fell straight to her shoulders, and a muted cinnamon-colored lipstick that complimented her brown eyes.  We introduced ourselves – she asked to be called ‘Mistress Elena’, and she sat down on the other side of the large desk, and smiled at us.  Then, she leaned forward, her hands clasped on the desk, and asked, “So why are you here, Sam?  And Kelly?  What are your expectations, and what would you like to accomplish?”


I looked at Kelly, and back at Mistress Elena, and responded, “Well, we’re both turned on by submission, and we’ve tried a lot of different things.”


Mistress asked, “Have you visited a dominatrix, before?  What kind of training have you received?”  She was starting to look concerned.

“I’ve never met a dominatrix before today, but I’ve done a lot of reading and Internet research.”  Mistress rolled her eyes, but I persisted, “I realize that the responsibility of the ‘top’ is to ensure that the ‘bottom’ has an intense experience, but not beyond the limits set, and nothing that would be damaging.  I’m retired from the medical field, so I know how to use aseptic technique, and we always use fresh, sterile supplies.  And Kelly has a keyword that she can use to stop a scene.”  Mistress was nodding, “That’s all fine … those are all important things to remember.  But there is much more to being a top or a Dom – especially developing the sensitivity to know how your bottom is feeling at each moment.”


Mistress lifted a cup of coffee, and sipped some, looking at us over the upturned coffee cup.  Kelly took a sip of her water, and I could see that she was nervous, also.  Mistress put down her cup of coffee, and continued, “And you’re into trying new experiences?  Seeing how people react and respond to the ‘challenges’ you give them?”


I was nodding, “Yes.  It’s a turn on for me to see how someone will react, and even more of a turn on if they will submit to something, even if it might involve some pain or embarrassment.”


Kelly and I received icy stares from Mistress.  “I want to make it clear what will happen here, today.”  I think Kelly and I both swallowed at the same time; the room was silent, as we awaited Mistress’ explanation.  “This is my home and my dungeon.  While you are here, you are my guests, and will do exactly as I command.



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