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Excerpt #1:  European Experience (Book 5)




I straddled Sam’s left leg, and leaned forward, taking his head in my hands, and giving him a good morning kiss.  We hugged, and I felt a stirring, amplified by the pressure of Sam’s leg against me.  I began moving, as I kissed Sam again, and put my head on his shoulder.  His arms around my back, I opened the top of his robe, and pressed up against him, my breasts against his chest.  For some reason, this position – at this moment – was an incredible turn on.  I humped Sam’s leg, and rocked against him, as he held me tight.  As I reached a heightened state of sensitivity, I lifted my head and looked at Sam; I knew he would want to make love to me, and it may be selfish, but I really wanted to get off here, and now.  Sam smiled and nodded, innately understanding my desire, and I put my head back on his shoulder and closed my eyes.


My legs squeezed around Sam’s thigh as I rocked forward, then down, my hips moving in a circular motion as I relaxed all of my weight onto him.  His hands dropped, and squeezed my bum, nicely, massaging in synch with my increasingly rapid motions.  Letting my own hands drop to Sam’s bottom, I grabbed, squeezed, and pulled him up to me, willing his help as I sought my release.  Sam responded to my mental request, his leg tensing and relaxing, and then coming up against my sex, repeatedly, pounding, as I dropped onto him with furious desire.  I pulled Sam to me, as I tensed every muscle in my body in one last spasm of agony, and found my glorious release.  Then, I came a second time.  I held Sam’s head and kissed him, and came a third time, as Sam slowed the motion of his leg, and I finally collapsed against him, breathing heavily, fully spent.


Sam gave me a few moments to calm, our cheeks together, and then asked, “Was that as good as it looked?”  He chuckled, and I pinched his bottom, then slid off his leg.


“Thank you, Sam.  It was great.”  I bent down and gave him a peck on the lips.  As I pulled open the sliding door, I turned to Sam, and added, “And I won’t make you go all day, seeing those beautiful nude women, without having an orgasm.  So I’ll satisfy you any way you want.  Sir.”  Sam understood that I wasn’t asking for a spanking, but that I would submit to him … yes, even if he wanted to spank me.  My body was high on the endorphin rush from my orgasms, and I didn’t care what Sam requested.


Sam loudly commanded, “Then get back here, young lady!  Where do you think you’re going?”  Uh oh; maybe Sam thought I had asked for some discipline?


As I slowly walked to him, I answered, “I was going to get into bed, and wait for you.”


Sam stood, and turned the chair around.  “Front of chair position, young lady!”


I stepped in front of the chair, put my feet on either side of the legs, and bent over at the waist, holding the thin arms of the chair, dropping my head, and trying to relax my butt.  I was still tingling, and Sam’s hand on my left buttock sent an electric jolt through me.  I awaited my fate, whatever my lover had decided; I had given him full power over me.  I looked up briefly, out into the forest, and then dropped my head again, and closed my eyes.  “I’m ready, Sir.”


A few tense moments passed, and Sam’s hand left me; then I felt his front against me.  He lifted his dick – it was already hard – onto the top of my butt crack, and moved back and forth, rubbing himself against me.  It didn’t take long before Sam was re-positioning himself, and I reached under, taking him in my hand, and inserting his length into me.  I held his balls in my right hand, as I held myself up with my left.  Sam held my hips, and I probably would have fallen into the chair, had he let go.  No words were spoken:  Sam pounded into me, as I continued to hold his balls firmly.  I knew Sam was ready when he suddenly slowed down, taking long strokes, plunging deeply into my moist warmth.  Then, his body tensed, and he shot his load into me, our bodies conjoined and motionless for an instant, before Sam began thrusting quickly, almost vibratory, as his orgasm subsided.


Sam’s body relaxed, and he bent forward, his chest on my back.  He reached around and held my breasts, gently kneading them, and I had to support myself with both hands on the arms of the chair.  I expected him to come out of me at any time, but felt a throb, and then Sam started moving again, slowly, pushing himself into my depths.  I couldn’t believe it:  Was he going to try for a second orgasm, so soon after the last one?  Then, I felt Sam’s body heave on top of me, and realized he was laughing.  His shrunken manhood slid out of me, as expected, and he pulled me up, turned me around, and kissed me.  Then, he pushed me toward the sliding door, gave me a good slap on the bottom, and said, “Get the shower going.  Young lady.”


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