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Excerpt #1:  Birthday Experience (Book 4)




As Fiona pulled down the zipper, I felt an electric energy pass through my body.  My skin was tingling – perhaps a result of the endorphins released by the spanking.  I was surprised at how enthusiastic Fiona had been, but I had asked for it; and now, I was in the afterglow of one experience, and beginning another.  My butt was stinging, and I was vaguely aware of Sam, somewhere in the room.  But Fiona’s gaze into my eyes had mesmerized me, absorbed me, until there was nothing else in existence.  Fiona was still pulling down the zipper, finally reaching the end, where the coat-like outfit came apart at the bottom, and I could slide my arms out of it.  The nurse costume fell to the floor.


Fiona stood, pressing against me and kissed me roughly, then softly bit my upper lip.  She turned my head to the side, and began nibbling on my ear.  I seemed to be in a hypnotic trance, as Fiona slid her tongue into my ear, bit my earlobe, and then lowered her head and bit my neck – perhaps fantasizing herself as a vampiress.  Her hands circled me, and I realized she had unclipped my bra.  She slipped it off of me, and it dropped to the floor.  Now, Fiona began consuming my breasts, taking one, then the other, into her mouth, sucking hard, and swirling her tongue over my nipples.


I bent down, and pulled the hem of her dress up, and finally over her head, as she held her arms high.  Then, I ‘went down’ on Fiona’s small breasts.  I lapped them, like a dog kissing them, then sucked and bit her nipples, taking the nipple ring into my mouth, and biting closer to her chest.  I flicked my tongue against her nipples, which were now hard buttons, and then progressed downward, pausing briefly at her navel, and then lowering and removing her panties, before continuing to her waxed pubes, and finally her clit.  My tongue lashed out, finding its way under the hood, as it teased each side of the third hard button now adorning Fiona’s body.


Fiona pulled me back up to a standing position, and when I looked quizzically at her, she shoved me, and I fell backwards onto the bed.  Then, Fiona jumped onto the bed and, snarling, climbed on top of me; we seemed to suddenly be in a wrestling match.  Fiona pinned me down, bent over and bit my nipples, then ferociously attacked my mouth, her snakelike tongue extending into the warm, wet space, and entwining with mine.  Sucking, biting, and finally taking my head in her hands … and then changing pace – giving me a slow, languorous kiss, her entire weight holding me down on the bed.  A vision flashed through my mind of my masturbation on top of Sam, with him face down, wearing a blindfold.


Fiona looked at me and smiled, then crawled around, facing the other direction, and moving herself into the classic ‘69’ position.  Then she went down on me.  I didn’t know exactly what she was doing with my clit, but it felt incredible.  I pushed her legs slightly apart, so that her hips lowered enough for me to ‘eat’ her from where I lay.  It was a little claustrophobic, but I closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling of what Fiona was doing down below.  My tongue caressed Fiona’s clit, tongue-ing her VCH barbell, lapping, swirling, and flicking against her sensitive tissues.


We were in a state of suspended animation:  Oblivious to the world around us, time seemingly standing still, and our perceptions focused only on a couple specific parts of our anatomy.  In fact, only one part:  My tongue seemed numb, but the feeling in my core was building in an incredible crescendo.  I realized that Fiona had been ‘playing’ me – licking my clit, then along my labia, and repeating, keeping me at the edge, and taking me beyond where I had ever been before.  Finally, my orgasm exploded.  I heard myself scream, as if from another dimension.  My head became light, and I thought I would pass out.


Fiona bucked her hips a little, and I realized that I had forgotten her.  My tongue had been on autopilot, but that was not enough:  True focus and dedication to the job was needed.  My head cleared, and I realized that my body was alive – suddenly hypersensitive to every feeling, everything touching me.  I worked on Fiona, alternating between licking under her hood, and pressing down on her hood, forcing the barbell into her clit.  This apparently was working, as I heard her gasping, and finally letting go of her tensions, as I trilled my tongue very quickly across her swollen button.


Fiona relaxed on top of me, and I thought I would be suffocated … but then she rolled off of me, and we lay heads-to-feet on the bed, both of us panting from our efforts and from our release.  A few minutes later, she crawled over and lay down next to me, with her arm across me, under my breasts.  I closed my eyes, and felt as contented as I have ever been.


“Are you OK, Kelly?” Fiona asked.  Had I been sleeping?  Suddenly I was back in the ‘real’ world. Fiona was looking at me with an enigmatic smile.  “I hate to ‘eat and run’, but I need to get going.”  Fiona leaned over and gave me a peck on the lips, as she played with my breasts.  Then she continued, “This was fun.  You’re a hot lady!  I hope we can spend more time together when I come for my next visit to see Alex.”  Fiona sat up, cross-legged, and watched, as I clumsily rolled off the bed.




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