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Excerpt #2:  Friends' Experience (Book 6)



We took another short break, while Kelly changed in the exam room ... and came out in her bright-red, full latex outfit. Her friends screamed and squealed, and so did I. It was an incredible outfit – form fitting (to say the least), with most of her breasts coming out of holes in the suit. She wore a black mask (I would need to buy her a matching red one!), and she moved sensuously around the room, straddling Kathy’s lap (Kathy was hysterical), then Linda’s.


Kelly concluded her performance in the latex suit by pulling Julie up, enveloping her, and kissing her zealously – full mouth, snake-like tongue moving around in Julie’s mouth, then putting her hand under Julie’s tee, and into the front of her black thong. Julie returned some of the emotion, but Kelly’s emotion was really over-the-top now, as I – and Linda and Kathy – watched, our mouths open, as Kelly literally attacked Julie with her passion.


After a few minutes, she pushed Julie back onto the love seat, and stalked out of the room, which was now silent, except for some heaving breathing coming from Julie ... and the rest of us. Kelly emerged from the exam room wearing her tee, and sat down next to me. She leaned over and gave me a peck on the lips ... and once again, I wondered whether I would lose Kelly to a woman.


I blinked, and Kelly laughed easily. Her friends – including Julie – could do nothing but stare at her for several long minutes. Finally, I dimmed the lights again, and re-started the show, again amazed at – or by – the incredible woman sitting next to me.


Somehow, the pictures of London were a letdown – the Beefeaters standing guard in front of the Tower of London, some panoramas of London from the viewing deck of the Shard (now, said to be the tallest building in Europe), the mummies in the British Museum, the red double-decker busses at Trafalgar Square, and a few others.


I turned off the projector, then turned the lights up a bit, and Kelly spent a long time describing our Domme experience. Well, it sure seemed long, as she described needles through the skin on the underside of my penis; inserting a catheter through my urethra and into my bladder; injecting saline into my balls; and ‘branding’ me with an ice-cold branding iron (which I initially thought was hot, as I had been wearing a blindfold). I closed my eyes, and shivered, just thinking about it again. It seemed like Kelly had had all the fun!


Kelly spent even more time explaining how she had been invited to take a dominatrix course – funded by some lecherous old guy; well, maybe not that old – probably younger than me. It was difficult for me to listen to the conversation, but I was proud of Kelly: All the things she had done during the trip, and how impressed the real Domme had been with her.


I blurted out to her friends, “And here, I thought that I would be the master (the ‘Dom’), and Kelly the slave. Now, if she takes that course, she will turn out to be the fully trained dominatrix, and she’ll want me to be her slave!” I realized my voice had risen, and beads of sweat were coming out on my forehead.


Linda laughed, “Well, Sam, you did ask for it! And, Kelly has put up with a lot of your submission challenges; so why shouldn’t she get her chance?”


Kathy was nodding vigorously, “It’s only fair, Sam.” She glanced at her friends, “You put us all through a lot at Kelly’s birthday party. Maybe it’s time to submit to her?”


Flustered, and blustering, I stuttered, “But I have submitted. To her and to you guys! I let you spank me at her birthday party, and then you guys insisted on sticking a butt plug in me, and making me come, while you watched!” I was getting riled up, and frustrated. Hadn’t I submitted to Kelly enough, already?


Julie chimed in, “It didn’t seem like you were suffering too much, Sam.” She glanced at Kelly and smiled, then looked back at me, seriously, “And, after all, Kelly is the strong one.”


This was too much. I stood, and paced back and forth. Finally, I said, “I’m going out to the patio to cool off!” I stomped out of the room, grabbed a beer from the fridge, and went out into the chilly darkness of the patio, not bothering to turn on the lights.


As I paced back and forth, I cooled down – both mentally and physically – and thought about the situation. The girls were right: Kelly should get her chance to ‘top’ me ... seriously. I realized that I was reacting out of fear. The Domme experience had been much more intense than I had expected ... or wanted to do again. And, I guess, I was still a little upset that Kelly had been chosen to take a course ... and that some


I gulped the beer, and felt hot under the collar ... except that the tee I was wearing didn’t have a collar. I shouldn’t be so upset; Kelly deserved everything that her friends had suggested. She was a strong woman, and I loved her. And, I trusted her.



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