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"Imaginative, creative, and good writing"

"The relationship, the bond, that forms the core of this book, makes it unique and different from other books in the same genre"

"While there’s definitely an erotic element, the focus is on intimacy, trust & openness"

"The writing is quite good"

"The plot is imaginative and creative"

"Even the secondary characters come across as real people"

"This is an enjoyable and entertaining read"

"It will make the reader think about boundaries, about intimacy, about the meaning of love, of bonds, of the unique relationship people can      have with one another"


Karen Ruggiero

"It goes way beyond anything I’ve ever read"

"Not only does Birthday Experience surpass 50 Shades, the storyline itself is way more enjoyable"

"I found myself glued to every page in the book"

"I found it to be extremely sexy, and wanted to keep reading for more"

"It is well written, and neatly progresses"

"It combines sex, fantasy, and romance, and is sure to open your eyes a bit more"


John Staughton

"I’ve gotten hooked on the EXPERIENCES series"

"Freier is a gifted writer and can spark the flames of passion and curiosity"

"This is tastefully written erotica with a unique twist"

"Kelly continues to be a fascinating and dynamic woman to follow"

"I have enjoyed how the author has shown more and more of her protagonists’s mind and heart with each subsequent book"

"I feel I know this character … but not in a predictable or boring way"

"I feel an intimacy with the character that is completely due to Freier’s artful way with words and scene-building"

"[Freier has] a rare gift, and this entire book is a fun, whimsical, thought-provoking, and sexy story"

"It will get you asking yourself a few questions about where your boundaries are"


Amy Shannon

"This book is just as hot and sexy as the others in the series"

"Recommended to those who don’t blush with the deep exploration of dark BDSM fetishes and fantasies"


Cindi Clubbs

“Freier entertains readers with a story of love, trust, respect, and exploration”

“It’s an adventure into personal fetishes and how far trust and comfort will allow a person to bend”

“Freier shows her inventive side”

“Introducing [friends], and new toys and creativity gives the series an exciting and sexy aspect”

“Freier’s attention to detail in her books is awe-inspiring!”

“The reader’s senses are thoroughly engaged”

“With each story that I’ve read in Freier’s series, I’ve felt like an active participant”

“Definitely a five-star series!”



"What I really like about these books is the attention to emotional detail between the two characters"

"These moments have such strong writing, and that is what I found myself liking most"

"Freier kept with the back-and-forth narration style that I absolutely love"

"The [narration] helped push the series past the superficial, surface level plot"

"I really appreciated the candidness about the fragility of such relationships, and it definitely made the book seem more real"


Owen Robinson

"I have been thoroughly surprised at how much I have enjoyed the series"

"Simone keeps writing, and I keep grabbing them up!"

"This was a very compelling read"

"The erotic parts of the story tell a larger picture of the evolving relationship"

"Another great addition to Simone’s already impressive catalog"


Marc Stern

"Freier, a skillful author whose ability to create a compelling scene … is among the best that I have seen … in the last couple of years"

"Freier uses the world of sexual play as the canvas on which she continues to paint the relationship of Kelly and Samv

"Birthday Experience is about far more than just sexual play and fantasy"

"[The series] is a tapestry upon which a very skillful author paints a compelling picture"

"A skillfully written and powerful story, whose characters are filled with life"

"Freier’s characters have substance; they are three-dimensional fully formed characters"

"It takes a talented author to create that type of character, as well as a story that is larger than its plotline would suggest"

"Simone Freier is an excellent author who knows how to use a topic to create a real and enjoyable story"

"Freier is an author who gets you to suspend your belief and accept her reality"


Miss Aliax

"Pure adult fun!"

"I have read [Freier’s] other novels and enjoyed them thoroughly"

"Simone is an excellent writer"

"The set of friends is entertaining as always, and I truly enjoyed reading this Experience"


Grady Harp

"The birthday party is an over the top event, with more new experiences than imaginable"

"The [dual narration] is a very strong writing device for Simone"

"Simone Freier has the world of erotica down pat"


K. Hair

"Simone Freier has turned me on to a genre toward which I had always cast a judgmental eye"

"Kelly taking over more of the narrative … is a breath of fresh air, as it allows for increased perspective"

"This is a very intriguing novel"

"It has been exciting to watch these characters grow over the past four books"



"It’s certainly an arousing read that tugs at your adventurous side!"

"If you liked Fifty Shades of Grey, don’t miss out on this"

"5 stars!"



"As with the other EXPERIENCES books, this book certainly doesn’t disappoint"

"Very graphic in detail, but a great read nonetheless"

"Exciting read!"



"It’s erotica that holds nothing back"



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